Discovery of ''GOOD DAY''.

Everything around seems to be influenced. Just rest your imaginations, I am talking about different products influenced by inflation. Grocery, vegetables, cosmetics and every other crap is raising in prices Every brand perspiring to level their profits.
Some directly by increasing rates, like our very own cadbury eclairs worth Rs. 2 now, to our call rates bouncing back after a very steep trough. And the indirect ways like the Maggie comes with lighter wrinkles (reduced weight), or the Lays with an extra nitrogen pump. These countless techniques are noticed and heard by almost everyone.

Now coming to the subject which builds relevance to the heading I have published. One business strategy which no one has ever discussed (at least with me) and which overpowers everything else is what you can (but would have never) observe in the packet of "GOOD DAY" (the biscuit).

The packet costs nearly the same, maybe the biscuit slightly thinner which is absolutely unnoticeable. The strategy they use is the most brilliant and bluffing technique in my eye. They just tilt the biscuits at some angle while packing (now you'll have to stir your brain a bit). I mean when a GOOD DAY packet is kept on a table, the biscuits inside would not be straight (perpendicular to the surface) but tilted at an angle.
This technique elongates the packet with lesser biscuits inside while compensating in the diameter of the
packet (but not the diameter of the biscuit). This is visible in most of the circular biscuits in the market.

Now that you have imagined a lot of geometry, don't bother rushing to your kitchens now. With kind apologies for exaggeration I wish to sum up. Just when the next time you come across any of these circular delicacies, grab a nearby PROTRACTOR.